Sunday, May 5, 2013


This Italian mother, every once in a while, is reminded not to be so hard on herself.
This Italian mother sometimes gets acquitted in the trial where she is both plaintiff and defendant.
She is exonerated from feeling guilty about all the misery of the world.
Nevertheless, this Italian mother feels responsible and irreplaceable.
NOBODY is irreplaceable.

Deep breath and relief.

Men know better. Men are from Mars.
And we can learn from them.

This Martian Law was inspired by this Italian mother's best ally: the American husband.

Here are some of the points:

Whoever wants to eat, should learn how to cook.
Whoever wants to eat better, is encouraged to improve his/her cooking skills.
Whoever wants to wear her pajamas in preschool for two weeks in a  row, will have no choice but to sleep in her Sunday clothes.
Whoever wears a goalie uniform to formal family events, must not be surprised is she does not appear in that family's photo album.
Whoever gets up for breakfast last, should not be disappointed at the disappearance of bacon; he or she, may not hide the aforementioned bacon the night before, and then forget that he or she did so.
Whoever repeatedly demands explanations about the after life, and does not get a comprehensive and satisfactory explanation, is kindly required to ask elsewhere.
The same goes for questions about sex and algebra.

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