Friday, August 31, 2012


And other stories.

Conversations between an hypothetical couple; let's name them Mamaspice and Sam iAm.
The lines in pink belong to Mamaspice.
The ones in blue belong to Sam iAm.

I go to work, raise four children by myself for six months a year, take them to ballet, soccer, gymnastics, piano and wash the dishes without complaining......

I quit my job, don't do shit all day, don't cook for anybody and only buy designer shoes.
I love you!!!!

S@#t Perseypony says.
(Perseypony is a nine year old with an uncanny comic timing- uncanny to her, not to us).

#1 Mom, are we Mexicans?

#2 Mom, are you a girl?

#3 Mom, if you don't become a writer could you PLEASE work at Starbucks?

#4 Last night, peaking inside the oven: Mom, how wonderful, it smells delicious: when did you learn how to cook? (Too bad daughter #1 was cooking last night).

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