Friday, August 24, 2012


Or one of them.

How is it, that each one of my four daughters, has a different set of parents?

The parents to the first born, for instance, don't resemble even closely the ones of the fourth.
The ones of the second child I just can't stand, and the ones of the third should be prosecuted.
Nope, we did not enter them in the foster family system, we did it all on our own!

Is being parents of multiple offsprings, necessarily conducive to multiple personality disorder?
Let's look at the data.

DAUGTHER          #1 Danger         #2 Brewster        #3 Perseypony         #4 Tchesky

THE CRYING      If you cry is         If you cry is        Crying is gone.       Mom is gone.
                               all my fault.         all your fault.

THE NAPPING   If you nap,            If you nap,           I am counting         Wake up!!!!!
                               I will buy             I will nap.           to three.....
                               you a lolly

THE BINKY      Sterilized in          Rinsed in             From the mud        Lost the binky.
                             boiling water.       cold water.            to the mouth.

PREESCHOOL The teacher is      The teacher is        The teacher is        The teacher is
                            Mary Poppins      Mary Poppins'       Mrs.Trunchbull.     a stoner.

DIET                 Fresh fruit,           Mac & Cheese         Hot dogs            Candies & chips.
                          fresh veggies,       three times a day.    three times a day.
                          fish, meat, no
                          candies, no chips.

THE FUTURE  Will spend half     Will write a           Will make a lot      President of
                           her paycheck         memoir                money becoming    the United
                           on therapy.           and get even.         a therapist.               States of

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