Thursday, February 14, 2013


Phone conversation between two friends.

K- Tonight I 'm going to see Al Gore and Barbara Kingsolver at the Hearbst Theatre, do you want to go?

Mamaspice- No, I'm sorry, I'm completely pooped, I just got off work, daughter #2 has a science test in the morn...........

K- But I have two tickets!

Mamaspice- I wouldn't even know what to leave the girls for dinner, I have an empty freezer, got up at five this morning.....

K- It's free.

Mamaspice- Let's go!

And this is how I found myself in the same room with Al Gore, Nobel prize laureate, and Barbara Kingsolver, Pulitzer awarded writer. Me, recipient of no prize whatsoever.
Al Gore was being interviewed by Barbara on his latest book: The Future, six drivers of global change.
From what I gather, the book is some sort of Nostradamus prophecy. Scarier but, I'm afraid, more accurate. 
Al, revealed to us a bunch of things about the future. For instance that there are goats called Spidergoats, genetically combined with tarantulas. If you milk them you get spider webs. With these silk like filaments, you can produce a fiber five times stronger that steel, but lighter than cotton.
Contrary to what I expected, Spidergoats don't have eight legs (pity).

Other than that, Al warned us that we are all acting like jerks towards our planet. Being that we were in San Francisco, he was preaching to the choir (or to the Pope).
Mamaspice, Barbara Kingsolver, Al Gore.

After the lecture, Barbara and Al were so gracious to hang out and sign autographs.
Since I found out Al was single and my friend K. needed a date for Valentine's day, I decided to slip her phone number into Al's side pocket. 
Al, don't be a jerk and call her!
K., pick up that phone!

Image by K.

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