Saturday, April 28, 2012


Last week I resigned after six years teaching language in elementary school.

Here's what I will miss the most:

My colleagues. They are the ones that had to put up with my istrionics. I still stand by my conviction that teaching is 10% preparation and 90% Theatre!!

All the staff members that kept humoring me when asked : "Is it Friday yet?", on a Tuesday.

Pajama-day. When everybody shows up in their robes, flannels and Wile E. Coyote's slippers, meanwhile I wear a silk kimono and little else.

That girl that didn't say a word to me the for a whole year and then decided I was worth it!

That boy who is still convinced I am teaching him Chinese, and his parents that know better.

All those students that think it is perfectly OK to hug me, kiss me and look into my purse.

Learning new names at the beginning of every school year. Names like Opshori, Dagmawit,Yeong Yeong, Yessenia, Aebfinn..............(I will spare you the last names).

The two days of scorching heat, when the P.E. teacher soaks everybody in the yard using sometimes a hose and sometimes a catapult and water balloons.

All those lessons learned, way more numerous that the lessons taught.

That boy, or girl, that every year gives me lice within the first week of school.

Yes, you too will be missed. Not so much the lice.

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