Friday, April 6, 2012


 Here's the ten commandments of an Italian parent.

1. Thou shall not sweat.
2. Thou shall not get dirty.
3. Thou shall not covet somebody else's snack.
4. Thou shall not eat before dinner (or after).
5. Thou shall not run (and fall, and get hurt).
6. Remember to brush you hair (in a way that looks good).
7. Never take your shoes off (EVER).
8. Put a sweater on (it's too cold).
9. Take that sweater off (it's too hot).
10. Get away from the draft ( or you shall catch pneumonia and die).

And here's the ten commandments of a San Francisco parent.

1. Recycle.
2. Put some sunscreen on.
3. Thou shall not eat dairies, wheat and nuts ( thou are allergic anyway).
4. Honor thy fathers and thy mothers.
5. Respect the line (queue up).
6. Thou shall not hurt anybody's feelings.
7. Thou shall not touch anybody, anywhere, anytime without their permission (personal space).
8. Thou shall not judge (so what if he has boobs and a penis?).
9. Thou shall not ask me for food (but instead open the refrigerator and figure out what to eat).
10. Thou shall not smoke (cigarettes, that is).

And while we are talking about religion I'd like to quote e friend of mine that says:
" In Italy we have one religion and at least two thousand kind of cheese. In California there are only two kind of cheese and two thousands religions."

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