Monday, October 22, 2012


I can't stand bullies, I just  can't.
So I made up a little poem for my girls.
This one.

Please, do not scare the bullies off.
Do not look them straight in the eyes.
If they attack you,
look paralyzed!!
Is it really wise, 
is it humane,
to stand up to bullies,
who are so afraid?

Once I told one of my daughters, who was repeatedly bullied by a classmate:
"If you punch that bully in the face, I swear I will take you to Disneyland!!!"
The principle of the school, who happened to be at earshot, came to me and begged me to take my words back. To which I replied : "And if you hit the bully too, I'll take you to Disneyland with us!!!"
Sometimes I can be very immature.

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