Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I lie.
I lie to my daughters. I lie to my best friends. I lie to my husband.
It's official, I lie to the people I love.

According to Sam iAm, I should just stop lying and grow up ( he NEVER lies, EVER).
Easier said then done.

Sam iAm took the issue at heart and lectured me about the relationship between women and lies.
Not that men don't lie. It's just that they lie to obtain something. For instance:
" If you have sex with me a) I will marry you; b) I will take you to Paris; c) I will drive you to work in my new sports car; d) I will call you, I swear!"
Women on the other hand, use lies as an act of goodwill:
" What weight gain? I thought you lost quite a few pounds!", " That dress is not tacky at all!!!";
or they use lies as an act of self defence and preservation: ".....tonight I have the worst migraine...."," What new purse? I have had this one since the eight grade!!!".

From the lecture I gathered two things:
as women we are way too compassionate;
we use lies to level the field of power with the men around us ( fathers, husbands, bosses).
We are excellent manipulators and we lie because we think that the truth may be hurtful to us or to someone we care about.

Here's my resolution: I will try not to say a single lie for the whole month of November.
If you know me, beware.

Lies will resume on December first and throughout the holiday gatherings. Especially during the unwrapping of Christmas presents.

Let me know if you want to join me in this groundbreaking adventure. Updates and victims count in a month time.

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