Sunday, October 7, 2012


A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night because of a sudden noise in the kitchen.
Pots and pans clanging.
Could have been any of the girls up for a midnight snack. Usually though, they don't cook in the dark.
I grabbed the hammer I keep on the nightstand when Sam iAm is at sea, and I made my way to the kitchen. A flashlight in my other hand.
Another sound of a lid banging, a beat of my heart skipping, but no one in sight.
I started hoping for a ghost. The ghost of Julia Child, come to teach me one thing or two.
Deep inside though, I think I have known all along.
I open the cupboard, point the flashlight and we meet eye to eye:
in front of me, a one inch mouse, with the I.Q of Albert Einstein.
A few seconds to assess the enemy, and the hostilities officially begin.

Four days of military campaign and here's where we are at:

Albert (the mouse code name) has comfortably settled behind my stove. He lays low during the day, but at night he uses the plumbing like a xylophone.

He did not fall for any of the (many) traps or poisons I purchased.

Last night, of all things, he came up with his own retaliation.

I was just done cleaning up after dinner. I leave the room for a few minutes when I hear daughter #1 calling: -Mom, come, you have got to see this!!-

On the floor, in front of  the stove, lay a red and juicy piece of candy that has been missing since Easter 2004 ( my guess is that it has been under the refrigerator the whole time).

Naturally, it was poisoned!

A plead to all men and women of science out there: if you need a subject for an experiment, or you want to run one of your theories by an exceptional astrophysicist, please come and get Albert (away from my stove).
Before he kills us all!!!

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