Thursday, September 6, 2012


Laurie and Mamaspice
The woman you see here with Mamaspice is Laurie R. King.
Laurie is the writer of many Bestsellers , starting with " The beekeeper's apprentice".
You will fall in love with this series where a young and vibrant girl forces Sherlock Holmes out of retirement. Expect the unexpected.
I met Laurie tonight and I was impressed by her humor, intelligence and humility. I could fake two out of three, humility is tough, though.
Therefore I have been feeling a little bit like a loser.
To cheer myself up a bit I HAD to imagine a caption for the above picture. Here it goes:

- As you can see in this picture, Mamaspice is whispering in Laurie's ear the first few lines for the next masterpiece ( and Laurie is eager to take notes)-

Side effects and controindications:
Laurie R King's novels might be addictive. They can work as a substitute for Nutella.
Use profusely.

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