Thursday, September 27, 2012


The San Francisco kid is part seal.
He doesn't need a coat: only short sleeves despite the short summer.
He plays bare feet in the fog.
He can survive for hours in cold waters, but with the first heat wave he gets sick.
His diet is eclectic and sustainable.
He eats raw fish and cooked fruit.
He loves sea weeds and kale chips for snack.
He uses chopsticks like his own hands.
He can cook before he can read (the recipes).
He is not afraid of tofu.
Nobody tells him: not to sweat, not to get dirty or to wear a sweater (like we do in Italy).
He suffers from at least two allergies, one real and one imaginary.
He can have two moms, or two dads.
He knows that to make a baby you need : a) a man and a woman; b) a sperm bank.
He is multiethnic and multilingual.
He leaves his shoes everywhere. His socks never match.
He uses nail polish weather he is a boy or a girl.
In fact, up till they are ten years old, you can't tell boys apart from girls.
If you see a soccer phenomenon, most likely it is a girl. If the hair is braided, most likely it is a boy.

But the best part is :
the kid that lives in San Francisco is not judged and doesn't judge in return!


  1. So true!

    Love the compare/contrast with Italian child-rearing practices. I'm a Bay Area kid that moved back to SF after living in Italy for 3.5 years. I'm really looking forward to raising a family here and having a little androgynous wonder of my own.