Sunday, November 25, 2012


My name is Spice. Mamaspice.
Yesterday, in our best 007 stint, Sam iAm and myself escaped our captors (the daughters), and managed to run away for the whole day (up till our voluntary lock down at ten o'clock at night).
To make sure we could not be traced we hiked seven miles on foot, up the coastal trail.
With barely any water, money or food.

When at four o' clock in the afternoon we got back to the car we could have eaten a squirrel.
We decided to go to a restaurant for lunch but instead call it dinner. We were in line by five o' clock.
Our excuse was that we hiked all day on an empty stomach.
What was the other people's excuse for having dinner at five?
I know I know, this is an Italian thing: 5 o' clock is "merenda" if you are a kid (bread and Nutella), or "aperitivo" if you are a grown up. Will I ever reset my feeding clock according to this country?

After dinner we went to see Skyfall, the latest James Bond installment.
You will be glad to know that Daniel Craig is shirtless five times within the first hour of the movie.
In fact, since Daniel Craig has become James Bond, he is the only nudity in the movie. None of the Bond Girls show skin any more.
Despite the fact that he is aging, turning to the bottle and thinking of retirement, he is ever much more attractive.  Could it be that James Bond is finally human? Perfect in his imperfections, reminding me a little bit of my husband?
A life of sex, guns and rock and roll is finally catching up with him (and my husband).
He wears Gucci by night and skinny pants by day (just Bond, this time).
Spoiler alert: he is Scottish (so you know that in the next feature, he will be also wearing a skirt).
The villain in this 007, played by Javier Bardem, was also a layered, different kind of villain :
part little rascal, part inglorious bastard; part Bin Laden and part Nathan Lane in "La cage aux folles".
Last but not least a note about Dame Judy Dench : with all her wrinkles accounted for, and her arthritis, she was definitely my favorite.
With the James Bond franchise employing a big percentage of the living British actors (the other big chunk was hired for Harry Potter), there shouldn't be a single starving thespian in all of the United Kingdom ( Ralph Fiennes had to work over time, and be present in both series).
Waiters might be in demand.

Don't ever think my review is meant to sell this movie to a senior audience. Adrenaline and testosterone are abounding, so are the explosives.
Everyone will love it.
The fact that we had dinner at five was merely incidental.

Sam iAm and Mamaspice crossing the bridge in their Aston Martin.


  1. :) You nailed it, Barbara. James B. is becoming human with D. Craig.

    Mara and I liked it too. A hint was given by the new Q: enough with fancy gadgets good for b-series movies. He gets a pistol and a mini-radio to localize himself. The rest, is his guts, skills, and if he escapes alive, good for him. He is not into a James Bond movie after all, where incredible things happen. Ok, they do, but at least this time they 'seem' credible. :)

  2. What can I say? Mara has excellent taste!