Friday, November 30, 2012


Here's the result of a very accurate study:
men think about it, on average, every three minutes. Which means that some men can even focus for five minutes at a time, while others have only one thing in mind.
Women on the other hand, think about it every two days.
Either way: everybody thinks about sex.

Two weeks ago I received an email with an invitation to enroll in an "oral sex" workshop.
At the same time I received an invitation to take part in a cooking class.
The cooking class promised the pairing of forbidden flavors, and subsequent orgasm of the taste buds.
The blow job class was advertising proficiency at completion.
The cooking class was taught by Italians.
The other class was very much like a tutorial, packaged by a corporate business.
Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with sex.

There's a chance I might finally learn to cook.

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