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DAIMONES is Massimo Marino's latest book.
Massimo is an old friend of mine.
He asked me to review the book.
In the meantime I decided to interview the author.

The sentences in red belong to Mamaspice. The ones in blue are Massimo's.

Massimo, one of the last times we saw each other we were in a delivery room in San Francisco. I was giving birth to one of my daughters, you were eating pizza.

Are you sure it was pizza? I also remember ordering Thai food....

I could be wrong, I was being split open after all......
What is scarier? Seeing a delivery or reading one of your books?

It depends if it is before the epidural, after the epidural or during the pizza.

I read DAIMONES in one gulp. Tell me the truth, what did you smoke and where can I get it?

Some things are not "over the counter". It is something given to me by the Daimones themselves: you see things, you hear things, you feel you are right there when you are not......
(and as far as I can tell it lasts a long time....)

DAIMONES is the first installment of a trilogy. Are you sure you are not going to get tired of it, and make us wait ten years like R.R.Martin in "Game of thrones"?

No, No. I could never tire of writing. Plus in book two - "Once humans" (great title by the way)- all sort of things happen and, as we say, the shit hits the fan (oh dear).  Also, I would never disappoint my readers. Sometimes, as a writer, you have to commit to this kind of sacrifice (imagine who, on the other hand, needs to work for a living).

In this next book, can we please have a little sex a' la "Fifty shades"......?

I thought I was already heading in that direction.....(if you think having adulterous sex on the hood of a Ferrari is controversial, you are more naive than I thought; you should write a sex scene inside the hood, while the car is speeding into the sunset......)

Massimo, you are Italian. Sicilian to be precise. And you write in English.
Is this a trend? What did Dante ever do to you?
Why won't you translate the damn book ? ( to French even...)

Trust me, I tried. It didn't work. Even my characters begged me not to. (Mamaspice would be glad to give it a try.....)

Let's talk about these characters. I could not help but notice that Dan Amenta is VERY similar to you.
Nuclear physicist , high school quarterback, with a passion for golf and polygamy........
Does your wife know? (That you play golf)

Shhhhh....Every time I leave the house she thinks I have a mistress. If she ever catches me playing golf she is going to kick me out. Then I will have to move in with you. Every other week, of course. But we can talk about that.....

Let's play a game. If we were to produce DAIMONES, THE MOVIE , who would you cast for your lead?

Mark Wahlberg without a doubt. You understand why....... (you have three nipples as well?)

Should I give him the news?

Why don't you do that. In the meantime I will contact Mila Kunis, for the role of Laura, and Kate Winslet for the role of Mary (now that I think about it Kate Winslet looks a lot like your wife; your wife is prettier though).
I will have to work days in and days out with these two leading ladies......... the things I do for my craft.

I will deal with Mark then...............the things I do for a friend.

A huge kiss to you, wherever you want (on my forehead, in public- your wife is Sicilian), and thanks to your readers for this shameless plug.
I almost forgot: DAIMONES is officialy candidate as Best Reviewers Read in Sci-Fi for 2012. It's a safe bet.
If you would like to read it you can find it on Amazon http://amazon.com/dp/1478347104 and it is both in e-book and paperback. You can also find it on Smashwords, iTunes, Nobo, Sony and all the major e-retailers. Finders keepers.

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