Thursday, December 13, 2012


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These are my precious.

It took me a week to make this year's Christmas picture happen.
The first day one of the girls was crying.
The second day another one had a fit.
The third day one of them was sick.
The fourth day one threw up.
The fifth day all the nice clothes were dirty.
On the sixth day the moustaches were not sticking any more.
Finally, on the seventh day, we got this shot.
Nobody is talking to me at the moment, but it was worth it.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Speaking of merry things: I am glad to announce that my month without lying is finally over.
If I have to tell you the truth (which by the way I don't have to any more), a couple of lies slipped out of my mouth.
When we switched the clock for daylight savings, for instance, I did not tell anyone. This way everybody went to bed at the usual time, instead of an hour later.
On another occasion I might have mentioned that all the ice cream parlors in the city were closed.
I didn't tell one single fib to Sam iAm though.
I have a feeling I won't be getting a single present this Christmas.
Honesty has its rewards.
Also I shouldn't have complained about getting presents in my previous post.
That should teach me.

One more thing. Since the beginning of this blog I used (and abused of ) my husband for the cheap thrill of a pun. While I thank him for his understanding and his endless inspiration, I have to announce that his fictional persona will soon sail into the sea to (you choose):
a) be a victim of a pirate attack.
b) be shipwrecked for a few years on a deserted island.
c) move to another woman's blog ( a cooking blog would be my guess).

(only maybe to reappear as his evil twin........)

And quoting Evelyn Waugh's note to the novel " Bridesheads Revisited"

- I am not I; thou art not he or she;
they are not they.-

I couldn't have said it better.


  1. - I am not I; thou art not he or she; they are not they.-

    Fab. In one line we have described the humankind as it really is.

  2. oooooo......rrrrr......uuuuuuu?

    (says the Caterpillar to Alice):)