Saturday, December 29, 2012


I wrote this post last summer.
It is, at the moment, the most read post in my blog. Go figure.
It's time for me to translate it.

The trilogy Fifty shades of Grey has been  the most read trilogy of all times.
Let me tell you why.

It's not, alas, the story of the Missoni empire and of their chromatic creations.
The empire that comes to mind is rather The Empire of the senses.

The characters could have been cut and past from the script of a daytime soap.
The boy, Christian: handsome, wealthy and completely fucked up.
The girl, Anastasia: bookish, naive and, most of all, a virgin.
The formula is quite cliche'. The narrative won't keep you up at night..........although........
fifty pages or so into the book, Anastasia loses her virginity by Christian's hand (and I'm being quite literal). From that moment on the sex Olympics begin, and they continue for THREE books.
They even have specialties and props.
Skip the dialogues and concentrate on the sex scenes that are brilliantly written, in my opinion.
An introduction to S&M that will intrigue even those who are happy with their basics.
I have been reading it every night, before bedtime, to mark the transition from "mom that wipes noses, cleans dishes and tugs in" to " Queen of Burlesque" that my husband would like me to be.
Sometimes it is fun to read a chapter and then try to enact it: word for word, spanking for spanking.
Never a dull nigtht.
If you give it to your wife, girfriend, lover, you will do yourself a favour.

Then, to flush it all out and restore your literary buds, go and read The great Gatsby.

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